Welcome to BALTUSSEN

Everyone has a right to healthy and sufficient food. This is our conviction. That’s why we give just-harvested fruits and vegetables a longer shelf life using a heat treatment. All the nutrients are retained, no preservatives are used. We work with products from organic origins wherever possible, as we want to take the environment into account. We package our fruits and vegetables in glass; what you see is what you get. This fits with our no-nonsense mentality. Our buyers’ customers can therefore enjoy seasonal products at any time of year, ready for use.


BALTUSSEN offers a wide range of processed fruits and vegetables in glass jars of different sizes. The range includes
more than 450 items: from apple sauce to peas. A number of products – beetroot, red cabbage and some apples – we literally deliver 'from the soil to the customer'. 

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About us

BALTUSSEN Konservenfabriek N.V. was established in 1868 and is therefore the oldest preservation factory still existing in the Netherlands. For the first hundred years, this was a family business that produced apple syrup, jam and other fruit preserves under the brand Betuws Roem.

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BALTUSSEN still has the atmosphere of a former family company. Our factory has around 40 employees and half of these work production shifts. This means that the lines are short. We see and do what needs to be done and help each other.

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In the end, it’s about consumers eating more fruits and vegetables.

Ruben Bringsken, Director