BALTUSSEN Konservenfabriek N.V. was established in 1868 and is therefore the oldest preservation factory still existing in the Netherlands. For the first hundred years, this was a family business that produced apple syrup, jam and other fruit preserves under the name Betuws Roem. During the Second World War, the factory was completely destroyed and the production had to be temporarily continued elsewhere.

Thanks to cooperation with other companies in the sector, BALTUSSEN was able to pick up where it left off again after the war. 
At the end of the 1950s, consumer demand for apple syrup and jam began to decline. The company therefore gradually moved into the field of preserving vegetables. Germany became an important sales market. The last Baltussen left in 1999. The factory is now managed by Ruben Bringsken and is part of a group of food companies.

Our values




By being customer-focused and flexible

With our people, suppliers and service providers

Bringing the best value for money while respecting people’s wellbeing and the environment

Our vision and mission


Healthy, affordable and sustainable food for everyone


Producing healthy and sustainably preserved vegetables and fruit at the best value for money while respecting people’s wellbeing and the environment

Combating waste

With chain partners, we work towards an integral approach in order to reduce waste of raw materials and by-product streams. This means: balancing supply and demand, choosing optimum harvesting times, making clear agreements on quality and smart logistics.

The foundations of the chain cooperation between Baltussen and Green Organics are strong. That’s where it all starts.

Jan Groen, Director of Green Organics