Wide range

BALTUSSEN offers a wide range of processed fruits and vegetables in glass jars of different sizes. The range includes
more than 450 items: from apple sauce to peas. A number of products – beetroot, red cabbage and some apples – we literally deliver ‘from the soil to the customer’. Other vegetables are obtained through strategic partners. We love pulses, full of vegetable proteins and a suitable replacement for meat. This way we help our buyers to offer consumers a responsible choice.  We keep our range in stock all year round and sell under our buyers’ private labels. Our products can be stored for a minimum of three years. 


Together with our buyers, we work to decrease the percentage of salt and sugar in our products. This way, we contribute to a healthy lifestyle, in which 250 g of vegetables and two portions of fruit per day are the norm.

In our production process, we do not use any preservatives, despite the fact that the word preservation suggests otherwise. We give our fruits and vegetables a long shelf life using sterilisation or pasteurisation, so they can also be eaten outside the harvesting season.
Did you know that pulses help you to maintain a healthy weight too?


The majority of our range consists of organic products. This means that the environment is taken into account as much as possible in the cultivation of these fruits and vegetables.

So organic farmers place the emphasis on preventing diseases and depletion of the soil. Where necessary, they use only natural pesticides and make good use of wooded banks, home to natural predators of insects.

Instead of artificial fertiliser, organic agriculture uses natural fertiliser from an organically run business, often the same business. This completes the organic circle. Our organic products can be recognised by the European organic quality label, depending on our buyers’ choices. 

Europäischen Bio-Label


Twenty years ago, choosing organic was an innovation. At BALTUSSEN, we continue to innovate. Think of ready-made bean dishes in different sauces, combinations of vegetables in one jar and haricots verts from Tanzania. We are also proud of variations on the typical Dutch apple sauce, like apple and cinnamon sauce, apple and pear sauce and organic apple sauce with banana, mango or buckthorn.