Naturally sustainable

Our food system has a large effect on the earth’s climate and biodiversity. We will have to produce and consume more sustainably. BALTUSSEN participates in this transition through its wide range of organic products. In addition, our assortment of pulses offers many protein-rich meat alternatives. Preserving vegetables and fruit is naturally sustainable, as it drastically lengthens the lifespan of food using only heat: no preservatives are added. For the coming years, we will focus on three themes to make our way of working even more sustainable.

Forming a transparent and flexible link

BALTUSSEN attaches great importance to cooperation within the value chain. With about half of our suppliers we have partnerships that have lasted over twenty years. By giving customers insight into what we can offer through our suppliers, we provide them with the opportunity to make more sustainable choices. It also inspires our suppliers to offer more sustainable options. By using our knowledge of, and relationships with, our suppliers, we become a partner in sustainability for our customers. In particular, we aim to be transparent about the labour conditions in our international value chains, and about the environmental impact of our packaging materials.

Reducing our footprint as much as possible

In our processing we strive to be as economical as possible with our resources; by working as efficiently as we can in our processes, with our machines, and in our factory. Our waste is minimized, recycled and repurposed where possible.

Sustainably employing our people

Most of the value in our company lies in our people. We’re proud of the fact that so many people have chosen to work with us for so long. To make sure this continues in the future, and to ensure we are a good place to work for younger generations as well, we continuously try to improve ourselves as an employer. We cannot achieve our mission without our employees. We also actively engage our employees in our sustainability initiatives.

BALTUSSEN is known throughout the community surrounding Driel. Many of our employees come from the area. It is important to us to contribute to the community that has given us so much and that we are an active part of.

More information?

Would you prefer more information about how we keep working on our themes? Download our booklet ‘’Preserving for the future’’ here. If you would like a copy, please contact us and we will send you one. Every year we will update the latest data about our progress here. If you have any questions, please contact our Employee Sustainability, Joske Nijhof, via