Challenging sector

9 billion people will need to be fed in 2050. Due to improving welfare, they will be consuming more and differently. At the same time, the amount of available agricultural land is decreasing, whilst water and energy are becoming increasingly scarce. Consumers have higher and higher demands in terms of the quality of their food and the way in which it is produced. Not only does food have to be delicious and sustainable, it must also be safe and healthy. At BALTUSSEN, we work hard to meet these challenges. By choosing organic and continuing to innovate. Our flat organisation structure offers room to learn and experience independently.

No two days are the same

Every year, we produce more than 40 million glass jars of fruits and vegetables. In June/July, the peas and carrots are harvested. A month later it’s the green beans. That means switching regularly. The quality of our work is a given. Our flexibility and the attention we pay to each other make us different.
We are dependent on the seasons and the weather. If that means that there’s extra work to do now and then, we don't see this as a problem. If an employee needs a day off unexpectedly, we work for them. Taking time to enjoy our successes and other joyful moments is part of our company culture.

No nonsense

BALTUSSEN still has the atmosphere of a former family company. Our factory has around 40 employees and half of these work production shifts. This means that the lines are short. We see and do what needs to be done and help each other.
Fresh fruit for all employees every day seems logical to us. You won’t find a vending machine full of chocolate bars here.


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I used to cycle past here every day on the way to school, 32 years ago. The people behind the windows were always smiling. I want to work there, I thought.

Henk van Altena